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Sexual confusion

Sexual confusion is one of the biological control methods used for the control of insects in the defense of crops from harmful agents. This method in fact uses some substances called pheromones (from the Greek phero "Port" e hormao 'Stimulus') which are produced by the insects themselves as chemical messengers for the exchange of information between insects of the same species. Among the different pheromones there are sexual ones that serve to recall the other sex for mating from distances of even several kilometers.

What did entomologists come up with? The use of diffusers, that is to say of special capsules impregnated with the pheromone of the species to be fought, which are distributed in the environment. In the presence of an excess of pheromonic substance, the males are unable to locate the females (it creates "confusion") and consequently they do not mate, thus limiting the damage produced by that insect that does not reproduce.

In other words: "You don't have to marry!"

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