Fruit trees as fences

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The transition from summer to winter is a time of glorious abundance. You can enjoy this plenty at home too, by planting edible garden boundaries and hedges that serve up lots of tasty fruits to pick. Fall is a great time to plant new trees, shrubs and fruiting canes, or you can wait till spring if winters are severe where you garden. Fruit trees trained to hug walls or fences are a great place to start.

  • The best trees for privacy in big and small yards
  • Fruit tree - wire cages or electric fencing
  • If fences make good neighbours, a fruit-bearing hedge can make even better ones
  • How to espalier a fruit tree in your garden
  • DIY: Espalier Fruit Trees
  • Trees and Fences
  • How to espalier fruit trees
  • Using Espaliers in the Garden
  • Good Suckers Make Good Fences
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The best trees for privacy in big and small yards

While the following is mainly about fruit trees, many of the items can apply to any living fence flowering shrubs, evergreens, etc. The most important thing is to use dwarf varieties of fruit trees, such as apple, pear, plums or grapes. Or for variety, you can use flowering shrubs, climbing or vining plants. Three or more will make a good fence. You can espalier to a wall although a south-facing wall that gets no relief from the sun, is not a good choice , to a wood fence or lattice work, or a wire fence suspended between attractive wood posts.

Use plant ties to secure to a wire fence or support. Use eye-screws to attach branches to wood, brick, masonry or stucco; however, for surfaces other than wood, you need to pre-drill the hole and insert a plastic expansion anchor before threading the eye-screw into the anchor.

If you plan to train to a wall, plant at least a foot away from the wall. The best time to prune and train is in late winter when you would normally prune a fruit tree — early to mid March in our area.

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Both comments and pings are currently closed. Small gardens are quite cute and i always use them in our home and appartment. Despite their small size, they are quite nice to the eyes and gives you a relaxing atmosphere.

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Fruit tree - wire cages or electric fencing

Espaliered apple trees at Mt. Originally it defined the trellis, or frame, the tree was trained to but this meaning is no longer used. This horticultural technique trains woody trees or shrubs through pruning and tying to create two-dimensional plants, often in specific patterns. Because a plant pruned in this way uses far less space, it is ideal for small gardens and in narrow spaces where spreading trees or shrubs will not fit. When planted next to a south-facing wall, the slightly warmer microclimate the wall radiates heat and provides shelter may allow some plants or cultivars to be planted in colder regions than they would normally be able to survive or fruit because the season is a little too short. Today, espaliers are used primarily as decorative accents in the landscape.

The trellis system and size should reflect the growth habit of the tree or strainer system can support wire tension similar to a professional fence.

If fences make good neighbours, a fruit-bearing hedge can make even better ones

As homes continue to be built larger and garden space becomes smaller, fewer homeowners have the space to plant as many fruit trees. The objective behind this gardening concept is to allow for a prolonged harvest of tree-ripe fruit from a small space. This can be accomplished by planting multi-grafted fruit trees, planting two or more trees with different ripening dates in the same hole, or by espaliering fruit trees along a sunny house wall or fence line. Looking for leaders in the fencing industry? Cedar Fence Direct offer higher quality fence products at a more affordable price than big box stores, cedar fence pickets is one of the many products you can find. By using multi-graft trees or planting more trees in one hole, a homeowner can now extend a week harvest season into weeks of different flavors. Planting or creating espaliers along a fence line can also free up valuable garden space for more fruit trees or other ornamental plants.

How to espalier a fruit tree in your garden

I have a couple wild crab apples on my property that are about 20 feet tall and 25 feet wide and those seem to be fine. I started out with three apple tree seedlings grown from seeds circa and the wild ones that came on the property I purchased. The seedlings got mangled by deer but I replanted them and put deer fencing around them. These seeds were started in

Plant new trees and shrub in the fall—or, in more severe climate regions, in the spring.

DIY: Espalier Fruit Trees

Espalier fruit trees are a great way to save space and have fresh home-grown fruit too! To train fruit trees into these forms you would need to start with very young, unbranched trees called whips. While Portland Nursery stocks small fig trees, the other fruit trees we sell are more mature. The Home Orchard Society is a good resource for finding starts or to learn to graft your own. Site — Fruit trees need full sun, at least 6 hours a day.

Trees and Fences

Can severely damage fruit plants by feeding or by rubbing their antlers to remove the velvet. It is difficult to break behavior patterns once they are established so plan a deer management strategy before planting. The only sure way to eliminate deer damage is with fencing. Although deer can jump over it, they seldom go into an area they cannot see into first. The fences should be 3 feet apart.

Dig a planting hole 30cm from the fence. YEAR 1, WINTER To espalier an apple or pear tree, plant it, then prune the tree to the height where you want your first.

How to espalier fruit trees

Mature, bushy full standard evergreen trees are the perfect solution when you have a wall or fence that's just not quite tall enough to block out the neighbours or ugly views - or even if you just want a wall of green to look at. The beauty of using full standard trees for these situations is that they take up little lateral room. The clear stems are often the exact height you need to prevent the tree encroaching into your garden space and the 'mop head' is a gorgeous lush green screen on top. We have all sizes available to buy so can accommodate all budgets.

Using Espaliers in the Garden

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Winter is a good time to start an espaliered fruit tree. However, some trees adapt better to espalier than others. Apples and pears are traditionally used, as their branches are flexible and they fruit repeatedly on the same spurs. A small number of apple and pear cultivars are tip-bearing, but spur-bearing varieties are best for espaliering. Tamarillos, although not typically used in espaliers, can be cut low and trained into a fan shape. Stone fruit peaches, plums, nectarines and cherries are best trained into a fan shape as their more brittle wood is difficult to train horizontally.

Regardless of whether your yard is large or small, privacy is something everyone is looking for. Thankfully, there are may great privacy trees for yards both big and small.

Good Suckers Make Good Fences

Choosing the right tree for your property has many benefits. They can block wind , provide shade , and break sight lines. Some even provide homes for birds or grow edible fruits for your family to enjoy. However, when planting a tree in your yard you might find your placement options are limited. There are ways you can plant a tree close to your fence line — you just need to do your research and take some precautions first. The best types of trees to grow near fences are those that either stay relatively short or that grow in tall, narrow shapes.

Deborah Silver is an accomplished and experienced landscape and garden designer whose firm first opened its doors inWhat would spring be without some fabulous plants on order? The garden shop is a garden shop-not a full service nursery.

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